Ana sayfa Yazarlar Yazar: Diana Lamaj

Diana Lamaj

Istanbul Technical University Civil Engineering
Turkish Mosques

Building in the Name of God: Mosques

The Holy Month of Ramadan is here and so is the curiosity of many for the mosques. These buildings which’s destiny is to be...

Tomorrow’s Constructions

Human creativity expands, technology evolves. This two phenomena are enough for the further development of civil engineering, serving as the engine of this great...

Augmented Reality

Commonly known as augmented reality or spatial computing, this technology that provides interaction between user and his surrounding environment by visually adding elements to...

Mars X House

Architecture and engineering have been evolving ever since their beginnings, but NASA is taking it to another level. The agency wants to land astronauts...

Green Buildings and Economy

In the present day, when buildings already pose crucial importance in life, there is a visible re-settlement of goals in the construction sector. Day...

The Queen of Curves

Born in 1950 in Baghdad, Zaha Mohammad Hadid was a figure of legendary impact on architecture until 2016 when she passed away at the...



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