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Chartres Cathedral


I have always been impressed by old architectural structures more than nowadays works. I feel, such that I belong to old times. Also I believe that after the printing press have been invented, artistic perspective of architecture has been decreased so much and by nowadays it has died, as Victor Hugo(famous writer) said. Architectural art has became classic that, as if it could live in past times. Out of some exceptions today, the art of architecture has been reduced to countless times in a row and to confine people to the structures deprived of this pleasure. Also in these days, what we all do is just trying to protect these ancient masterpieces and sometimes we even cannot afford to that. Chartres Cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings that affect me worldwide. The Cathedral is the one of the masterpieces of Gothic architecture across Europe. It is a structure that I am fascinated by its appearance, design and structural features. Every single element of the design uses derivatives of three shapes; circle, rectangle and triangle. These geometric elements are mostly used to create the general shape of this Cathedral.

Since this would weaken the structure, the rounded Roman arch was designed which has seen in Colosseum is used to direct weight around window openings so the load is distributed downward and outward. The master builder used the pointed arch to distribute the force downward not outward. They mean less stone and lighter more stable. Also the ceiling roof has to be ultra lightweight and Master builder of Chartres, has used a completely new design; the ribbed vault. The technique was started by building wooden arch that will span the walls, then mortar poured onto the arches and ribbing stones set into it. Then the wooden arches has been removed leaving a solid fire resisting roof.

The picture shows the ribbed vault technic that used to design the roof.

Extra lateral support has given by the solution of most arguably beautiful effective and revolutionary feature of gothic architecture, the flying buttress.
The flying buttress is a massive stone support connected to the wall by a flying arch. It is attached to the building of the exact point where the vault meets the wall and any outward forces are directed through the stone columns to the ground. There are dozens of flying buttresses around Chartres cathedral.

The interior of the Chartres Cathedral also has an amazing beauty. Each side of the cathedral is shaped with glass, covered with various decorations and figures. This feature causes the light to leak inside, into the maximum level. In addition, the decorations and figures shine with beauty and let the tourists and local visitors to have incredible moments. This is one of the great architectural features of the building.

One of these beautiful windows of Chartres.



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