Le Corbusier was a french-swiss architect, founder of the Modernist Movement in architecture. All through his profession, he attempted a variety of tasks all around the globe. Here i’m going to represent some of his works that have been named World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, just as a lot a greater amount of his other mainstream pieces. Ideally, sometime you get the opportunity to take a brief trip and visit these structures!

Capitol Complex

Capitol Complex located in Uttar Marg & Jan Marg, Chandigarh, India and has an area of 100 acres.

National Museum of Western Art

National Museum of Western Art situated in Ueno Park Street, Tokyo, Japan. This museum is the chief open workmanship exhibition in Japan spend significant time in craftsmanship from the Western custom. Was established in 1959 and in 2016 received 1,162,345 visitors.

La Tourette Convent

La Tourette Convent. Address: Route de la Tourette, Lyon, France. The plan of the structure started in May 1953 and finished in 1961. The board of trustees that chose the making of the structure thought about that the essential obligation of the religious community ought to be the profound arousing of the general population and specifically the occupants of close-by regions. That is the reason the religious community was set in Eveux-sur-Arbresle, which is only 25 km from Lyon and is open via train or vehicle. It’s the last work of Corbusier and in 2016 with many other works of his was selected to be protected by UNESCO.


Another famous structure comes from France: Ronchamp (Notre Dame du Haut)

It’s a Roman Catholic Chapel. The structure is assembled for the most part of concrete and stone, which was a leftover of the first house of prayer based on the ridge site crushed during World War II. Some have depicted Ronchamp as the principal Post-Modern structure, and others as the primary structure of the development Expressionist engineering after World War II. It was developed in the mid-1950s. Every year it attracts 80.000 visitors.

There are in total 17 Corbusier’s works protected by UNESCO situated in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, US, Brazil, India but mostly in France.



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