Human creativity expands, technology evolves. This two phenomena are enough for the further development of civil engineering, serving as the engine of this great industry. The 6 upcoming projects are the example of the sophisticated architecture and engineering. These projects may fundamentally shape tomorrow’s constructions, becoming the new standard.

1. The Queensferry Crossing

The construction of the bridge began in 2011 and opened to traffic on 30 August 2017. Among the bridges that comprise the long Forth corridor, Queensferry Crossing is the longest. This bridge carries the M90 motorway across the Firth of Forth between Edinburgh, at South Queensferry, and Fife, at North Queensferry. Its construction cost it’s estimated to be 1.35 GBP. Currently is the largest bridge to feature cables which cross mid-span and the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world, exactly 2.7 km. Scotland definitely upgraded the standard in bridge building.

2. Jeddah Tower

Located in Saudi Arabia, this skyscraper when completed it’ll be the tallest in the world, 1 km. The work started in 2013 and it’s planned to end in 2021. It is also said that Jeddah Tower will be the center of Jeddah Economic City; a innovative tourist attraction.

3. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

This bridge opened in 2018 and its construction lasted for 9 years. It consists in an interconnected system of bridges, an undersea tunnel and four artificial islands. It’s the longest sea crossing bridge on earth. Its cost is $18.77 billion and its design life 120 years.

4. Central Park Tower

Planned to open its doors to public in 2020, this project has been designed by following the philosophy of Global Environmental Contextualism. It’ll be world tallest residential building. Its construction tends to optimize air circulation and internal climate regulation and reduce gas emission.

5. Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant

Located in Carlsbad, California, as the name indicates, this structure is a desalination plant. It opened in 2015 and by 2020 it will work with its full capacity. The aim of this structure is to reshape the water supplying of the city. Water won’t be pumped from hundreds of kilometres away. An estimated of 50millions gallons of water per day will be desalinated, providing so fresh water from a short distance.

6. Great Man-Made River Project

It may sound a craziness but the construction of this irrigation project started in 1985 in Libya and it will hopefully finish by 2030. This project consists of 2800 km of pipes, 1,300 wells and will transport 6.5 million m3 a day and it will be world’s largest underground network of pipes.

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